The Homework Notebook

Made In Canada

Homework is a word best described as working towards achieving a project, goal, or task—which perfectly embodies the function of these notebooks. Formatted by Volume, we've redesigned the traditional exercise book and pulled design influences from book covers, especially ones from the 60/70's. A masthead, a bold pattern and a good sense of negative space gives these notebooks their distinct look.

Filled with 48 pages of quality ivory paper, 100% recycled too!—they're blank and give you plenty of creative freedom. And the final touch: a cleverly designed pocket with card slot. Find it in the front of the notebook to keep your receipts, tickets, loose papers and business cards. Also available in a limited edition box set: a hand numbered, elegant grey box with an internal silver pull out containing four notebooks. Perfectly sized and conveniently packed, time to take note!

Behind-The-Scenes: Almost all of the notebook patterns are hand-illustrated, using mostly pen or paint.

Each notebook has a convenient pocket with card slot—Jot, tear, fold and store loose papers efficiently.

These limited edition box sets are hand numbered with the according volumes included.